Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010 marks the first day of "The Travel Companion." Welcome and enjoy.

I actually have two travel companions: my fiancee and my books. Carlos and my collection of books have been traveling with me along Honduras in search of something. We each have our motives for leaving Los Angeles, but we also hope to return soon. In the meantime, we will live our life in Roatan. But let's not talk about Carlos, that can come at random times. My other travel companion, my books, are the focus of my new venture.

I have always wanted to discuss how books inspire me and others, but have not been able to do so. I speak to many people about my love of books, but for the most part, nobody is interested. Books seem completely outdated in this age of technology, but I find them even more enthralling. There is always an opportunity to join the Great War, experience the dust bowl in the Midwest, or live in the town of Macondo. Books provide the outlet to dream the dreams that are missing in this age of truth. As we become more aware of ourselves and our world, we have lost that ability to imagine.

I am not saying that technology is awful. On the contrary, I would not survive without technology. But I also love a little fantasy, so that is why I read my wonderful books.

So today I would like to share with you a point of view and attempt to provide the same feelings I feel when I read my favorite books. I plan to read a book each week and provide feedback, feelings, interpretations, random thoughts, and everything that can be incorporated into our book.

Welcome and enjoy.

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